Spare some time to transform your smile through same day teeth in North London?

Rebuild the structure of your smile

same-day-teeth-in-north-londonAt JP Dental Implants, we understand the problems which are faced on a daily basis by those who have one or more dentures within their mouths. Daily tasks, which most of us take for granted, such as chewing effectively, being able to speak coherently, or even eating the most simple of foods can prove to be a massive challenge. As dentures are not a permanent solution to lost teeth and rely on the support of the patient’s teeth or jaw structure, they may become loose and less comfortable over time as the surrounding teeth shift out of place. This, alongside the social implications of continually having to take your teeth out in front of friends or family members, has led a number of patients looking for alternative, more permanent solutions. In the past, getting an entire set of structurally solid, good-as-new teeth would be almost impossible, or at the very least take a number of years. Today however, because of the marvels of modern science, it is possible to do exactly that in just a single day through same day teeth in North London. Anyone out there who is struggling with one or more of the numerous daily challenges which dentures provide should arrange to have a consultation with one of our dental implant experts here at JP Dental Implants to see what we can do.

What are same day teeth in North London?

For many of our patients, particularly older ones, the prospect of being able to completely rebuild the structure and support of natural teeth in just one day would seem too good to be true. However, through same day teeth in North London, the impossible has been made possible. Having large gaps within your mouth can be the root of a number of problems for patients, both with regards to their social wellbeing as well as their oral and overall health. By opting for same day teeth treatment, also called All-on-4, it is possible to restore the functionality and support that natural teeth offer, as well as massively boost the confidence of the patient.

How does it work?

The fundamentals of All-on-4 treatment operate through the creation of four titanium alloy tooth roots. These act as permanently fused anchor points onto which a set of permanent dentures can be fixed in place. Titanium alloy is used for dental implants because it has the unique power to naturally merge itself with human bone tissue. Therefore, when the sockets are surgically inserted inside the jaw of the patient and closed over, their jawbone and the new tooth-root merge and become one. By replacing the process of how a natural tooth would be fixed within a patient’s mouth, dental implants are typically considered to be the most comfortable and natural way of replacing a lost tooth. Historically, treatments such as All-on-4 would never have seemed possible, whereas today we are increasingly helping more and more people craft the smiles they deserve. Having missing teeth is never easy, but here at JP Dental Implants thankfully the treatment is. Anyone who feels they could benefit from a healthy looking, structurally solid set of teeth ought to arrange to have a consultation and begin getting their true smile back.

Dental implants – same day teeth in North London

Do you want a revitalised smile, to eat your regular meals, and speak without difficulty? Here at JP Dental Implants, our mission is to improve your smile. There are many treatments to help each individual with their dental implant needs. We can focus either on one specific missing tooth to replace – or replace a whole set! We also offer treatments such as sinus lifts for people who have long term dentures and Intraspin, a healing option from within.same-day-teeth-in-north-london

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are usually made up of three components: the implant, an abutment, and the crown or tooth replacement. The implant is typically a titanium screw that takes the place of the tooth root. This screw eventually fuses with the jawbone and provides stability to hold a tooth in place. The abutment is added after a certain amount of time for healing, it connects the implant to the dental prosthetic or crown.

Same day teeth in North London

Same day teeth is a revolutionary new treatment that requires only four implants for an entirely new set of teeth. This is a welcome change for many patients who have become uncomfortable with their dentures. How does this work? We have outlined four clear points to grasp the all-on-4 procedure fully.

  1. CT scans and other sophisticated technology are used to plan and locate where the four implants will go in your jaw (two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw).
  2. These implants will provide sturdy anchorage as the base for a full set of dentures.
  3. These dentures will be permanent and will be able to function like regular natural teeth.
  4. The same day that the patient undergoes this treatment in North London, they will also walk out with a newly acquired smile.

Because implants require minor surgery, we supply the patient with temporary bridges to be replaced six months later with the permanent dentures. Also, this allows the jaw to heal and integrate with the implants.

What patients can expect

Before any treatment is decided on, the patient will first have the benefit of an initial consultation. In the consultation, our experienced dentists will gain a thorough medical and social history of the patient to have a complete picture of the patient’s needs. Then X-rays, photographs, and models of the teeth will be taken to evaluate the remaining teeth of the patient and their jaw health. This will determine what will be the best course of treatment. If necessary, further CT scans will be taken to check how much of the jawbone is available to use. Quantity and quality of jawbone are essential to determine if surgery is the best option. Once the assessment is complete; risks, benefits, and treatment options will be discussed with the patient to determine a treatment that the patient is happy with.

Life benefits

Benefits include life-long advantages such as a confident smile, speaking without additional difficulties, and the ability to eat and drink your regular food. So don’t delay, visit JP Dental Implants for same day teeth in North London today!

Making the most of same day teeth in North London

‘New teeth in a day,’ sound too good to be true? Well, you best start believing, friend, because it is absolutely possible thanks to new technology and methods that are giving people the best hope they have at maintaining their lifestyle even while undergoing implant surgery. Let’s backtrack a little and make sure we are talking to the right people here; those of you with dentures or even facing the need for a full set of dentures stand to gain the most from this treatment as your life can go back to what it once was in terms of eating and activities that you may now be more cautious about due to the fact that removable dentures aren’t always the most reliable. Same day teeth in North London offer a second chance in the twilight years at maintaining good oral health, face shape, and even better nutrition.same-day-teeth-in-north-london

Bold claims

You may ask how face shape and better nutrition can be achieved with a set of dental implants and new teeth, well, let us address the nutrition aspect first. This goes way back to hunter-gatherer times when losing your teeth meant a steady decline in health because it meant you were no longer capable of grinding your food into edible portions, in today’s society it means a lower quality of life as there are fewer foods you can enjoy as well as the potential of missing out on whole foods that have better nutrition than jelly and custard.

Once you lose your natural teeth, your face shape will begin to change because believe it or not, once the jaw bone no longer has the tooth roots to cling and grow on, the body begins to absorb it as it feels that it no longer needs to be there, this will cause your face to appear more sunken and substantially more aged. When titanium implants are inserted into the jaw, it allows the bone to cling to something once more and it even begins to grow back to its former size and shape.

All on 4

The beauty of this procedure is that you do not need an implant for every missing tooth, you only need 4 implants to anchor an entire row of dentures into the mouth. This means that surgery is minimal and you are still getting enough titanium into the jaw for the bone to attach to. Because we can insert all 4 implants in a single surgery, it means we can safely stabilise the denture at the same time so that you may leave with a gleaming and strong set of new teeth the very same day hence the name, same day teeth in North London.

Nervous patients

Same day teeth in North London surgery can be a scary thought, and we understand that some people are very nervous about the dentist which is why we offer sedation to these patients so that they can go to sleep and wake up with a fresh new smile none the wiser as to what went on during surgery, no drill sounds, no strange-looking equipment hanging over your head, just a peaceful sleep while we take care of you.

Same day teeth in North London

It’s common knowledge that when you get dental implants you need to wait a few months before getting a full set of new and secured teeth, however, with implant retained dentures, same-day teeth in North London are a possibility at JP Dental Implants to bring you back to comfort and confidence as quickly as possible, so that life can go back to an acceptable normality.same-day-teeth-north-london

Fixing your dentures into your mouth

Your ability to eat and speak may become adversely affected if you are trying to endure a set of ill-fitting or loose dentures, your confidence may also be diminished due to this. But thanks to advances in dentistry we can now offer you a procedure where your dentures can be fitted to your jaw to provide you with that extra comfort and knowledge that your teeth are secure in your mouth, with dental implants for dentures and same day teeth in North London.

This treatment is known as denture stabilisation and offers patients with existing dentures a better quality of life, with a more stable solution to false teeth. With this treatment, your dentures will stay put, giving you the opportunity to smile with confidence in the knowledge that your teeth will not slip, come loose or fall out.

How it works

Surgery is required to place implants into the jawbone or skull and once the bone has had a chance (over the course of a few months) to fuse to the titanium that the implants are made from, your dentures will be secured to the implants with a range of fittings and fixtures to hold them in place. Although your dentures will now be properly secured, you will still be able to remove them for proper cleaning.

We understand the impact a smile can have on your life which is why we would never send you home with gaps in your smile and missing teeth, and we give you a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent teeth are ready to be fitted after the healing period, allowing you to smile happily immediately after surgery.


Once the implants are in the jaw and the bone starts to grow around them, your whole facial structure remains more stable, as the bones are no longer dissolving, which means you won’t look as aged and your lips and cheeks will appear less sunken with the new support of more permanent teeth and bone.

There will be less irritation on your gums with this technique of securing dentures, while eating and laughing become easier with an immediate boost of confidence.

All on 4

This is what’s known as same day teeth in North London and it is a revolutionary and highly advanced method of securing dentures with only 4 screws needing to be placed in the bone. With 2 screws in the top arch and 2 in the bottom, entire rows of teeth can be attached securely and comfortably in the mouth. This surgery can be done while you are sedated if you so wish, so there is no need for nerves and uncomfortable worries.

What are ‘same day teeth’ in North London?

At our dental clinic within North London we boast an impressive team of dental healthcare professionals who all hold a passion for the high standard of dental care they deliver! Our modern, welcoming, and comfortable dental clinic plays host to the wide array of implant dentistry our specialist surgery within North London provides. Amongst multiple dental implants, sinus lifts, and even bone grafting, we offer same day teeth in North London.

same-day-teeth-north-londonAre same day teeth right for you?

Same day teeth in North London are essentially dental implants that can transform the function and aesthetic appearance of your smile within one day! Same day teeth are also commonly referred to within the world of implant dentistry as ‘all-on-four’ and is a treatment that allows a full set of dentures to sit comfortably (and more importantly stably) on just four dental implants!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are considered as the best form of tooth replacement within the field of restorative dentistry and essentially strive to restore the physical function and the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile! Dental implants are titanium screws that strive to replicate the natural root of the tooth and can be used to support single crowns, or even a whole row of missing teeth!

A tailor made dental plan to suit your dental needs

Many of our patients may be familiar with the term ‘dental implants’ however they may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from the treatment process. Our dental clinic within North London adopts a patient centred approach, which means we treat each dental case as completely unique, therefore ensuring the best possible dental results are always achieved.

How do they work?

All-on-four dental implants are considered as revolutionary within the modern field of implant dentistry and embrace the latest advancements within modern dental technology!

The four dental implants are plotted using modern CT scanners to allow the optimum stability is achieved, once the implants are placed your fully functioning teeth can be administered!

What happens next?

Once the dental implants have been successfully placed within the mouth (two in the lower jaw and two in the upper) the dentures can then be fixed into place! Our patients will not only receive a full set of fully functioning teeth, but will also leave with a great looking natural smile on the same day!

What are the benefits of receiving same day teeth?

Dentures can be trouble for many of our patients, their unstable nature can cause them inconvenience as well as restricting them to certain foods. Denture stabilisation allows our patients’ smiles to function in the same way as natural teeth, whilst boosting their self-esteem and looking fantastic!

How much do same day teeth cost?

The cost of any dental treatment at our clinic may depend greatly on the complexity of the unique dental case. When weighing the cost against the convenience however, the cost of one arch of all-on-four dental implants includes the full treatment process and all preliminary work (excluding the consultation and scan). Many people find that the investment in same day teeth results in, not only functioning teeth, but a huge leap in their confidence.

Where can I get ‘same day teeth’ in North London?

Dentures have been an option for many people for a number of years now. They are a natural looking and clean way to retain a beautiful smile. Technology has advanced over recent years, however, and here at JP Dental Implants, we can now offer more permanent solutions, including same day teeth in North London.

same-day-teeth-north-londonRegular denture problems?

With standard dentures, there can be a number of problems such as them coming loose, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, and maybe even having difficulty or a lack of confidence when eating food or smiling. Denture stabilisation is an effective way to solve these issues, and results in dentures staying put. At our practice, we even offer a revolutionary treatment for same day teeth in North London, called ‘all-on-4’.

What is the procedure?

All-on-4 is a fast and effective solution that will leave your mouth feeling stable and comfortable, with a new set of stabilised teeth, and it only uses four implants. To get same day teeth in North London, the advanced method of all-on-4 uses technologies which are state of the art, to place two implants into the top jaw, and two implants into the bottom jaw, using CT scanners to plot the locations.

The implants are then secured in place so that a full arch of dentures can be attached and secured. These dentures will not only look and feel like a natural set of teeth, but will function like them too. You will walk out the same day, with a brand new smile.

Security and aftercare for your smile

Here at our practice, we want you to feel safe and secure, and that you truly are in the best hands. That is why we would never let you leave our practice without a smile you can feel confident and proud of. We completely understand how important your smile is to you; a smile says a lot about a person, and we want you to look and feel fantastic about your teeth.

This is why in most cases we will also fit a temporary bridge which will look, feel, and function just like your natural set of teeth, before we will add the permanent denture six months later.

If you are a particularly nervous patient or are worried about procedures such as this, we also offer sedation options, to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed when we carry out the procedures. We want you to feel safe and confident that you are in the best hands, and we understand that procedures aren’t something that everybody looks forward to. But with the modern sedatives that we use, we can assure you that most patients come out of surgery not even feeling like they’ve had anything done.

They simply walk out feeling fantastic about their new smile, confident, and safe in the knowledge that their dentures will stay put.

Laugh with confidence, smile with pleasure, and eat what you feel. Our all-on-4 treatment is a state of the art and revolutionary way to keep your smile.

Using digital dentistry for implant treatments

Digital workflows
Over the years, dental implant treatment has rapidly evolved and continues to do so. The rapid advancements in chairside production of dental prosthesis like crowns and bridges along with digital scanning have changed the way dental implant treatment is planned and executed.
Traditionally, dental implant planning involves taking moulds of the patient’s teeth which were then used to fabricate gypsum models. These gypsum models are then used to create hand-carved replicas of the teeth to be replaced using dental implants. This is a labour-intensive process as you can imagine and is difficult to reproduce due to its manual nature.
We started using digital workflows to eliminate this labour intensive process and to achieve a more accurate and reproducible way of doing things. At the consultation, an intraoral digital scan is taken of your teeth alongside a CBCT scan. These two sets of digital information are merged to give us a 3d model of the patient’s teeth gums and underlying bone. We can then digitally create the teeth to be replaced and plan the intended implant position(s). All this information can then be used to create a surgical guide that is 3d printed and allows us to place the implant(s) in the same position as planned in the virtual 3d model.
When the implant(s) are ready to be connected to the final teeth, we scan the implants using our intraoral scanner. This eliminates the need for gooey impressions. This scan is then used to digitally design the crown. This digital crown design is used to mill the final crown. This method allows very accurate reproduction of the intended implant position and crown.
Digital workflows have definitely changed how we plan and provide implant dentistry. We routinely use the virtual simulations to show patients, the intended implant plan. We use cutting edge technology from leading providers such as Carestream, 3shape, Medit, Exocad, Imes Icore and Formlabs to deliver these workflows.

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