Dental implants – same day teeth in North London

Do you want a revitalised smile, to eat your regular meals, and speak without difficulty? Here at JP Dental Implants, our mission is to improve your smile. There are many treatments to help each individual with their dental implant needs. We can focus either on one specific missing tooth to replace – or replace a whole set! We also offer treatments such as sinus lifts for people who have long term dentures and Intraspin, a healing option from within.same-day-teeth-in-north-london

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are usually made up of three components: the implant, an abutment, and the crown or tooth replacement. The implant is typically a titanium screw that takes the place of the tooth root. This screw eventually fuses with the jawbone and provides stability to hold a tooth in place. The abutment is added after a certain amount of time for healing, it connects the implant to the dental prosthetic or crown.

Same day teeth in North London

Same day teeth is a revolutionary new treatment that requires only four implants for an entirely new set of teeth. This is a welcome change for many patients who have become uncomfortable with their dentures. How does this work? We have outlined four clear points to grasp the all-on-4 procedure fully.

  1. CT scans and other sophisticated technology are used to plan and locate where the four implants will go in your jaw (two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw).
  2. These implants will provide sturdy anchorage as the base for a full set of dentures.
  3. These dentures will be permanent and will be able to function like regular natural teeth.
  4. The same day that the patient undergoes this treatment in North London, they will also walk out with a newly acquired smile.

Because implants require minor surgery, we supply the patient with temporary bridges to be replaced six months later with the permanent dentures. Also, this allows the jaw to heal and integrate with the implants.

What patients can expect

Before any treatment is decided on, the patient will first have the benefit of an initial consultation. In the consultation, our experienced dentists will gain a thorough medical and social history of the patient to have a complete picture of the patient’s needs. Then X-rays, photographs, and models of the teeth will be taken to evaluate the remaining teeth of the patient and their jaw health. This will determine what will be the best course of treatment. If necessary, further CT scans will be taken to check how much of the jawbone is available to use. Quantity and quality of jawbone are essential to determine if surgery is the best option. Once the assessment is complete; risks, benefits, and treatment options will be discussed with the patient to determine a treatment that the patient is happy with.

Life benefits

Benefits include life-long advantages such as a confident smile, speaking without additional difficulties, and the ability to eat and drink your regular food. So don’t delay, visit JP Dental Implants for same day teeth in North London today!