Making the most of same day teeth in North London

‘New teeth in a day,’ sound too good to be true? Well, you best start believing, friend, because it is absolutely possible thanks to new technology and methods that are giving people the best hope they have at maintaining their lifestyle even while undergoing implant surgery. Let’s backtrack a little and make sure we are talking to the right people here; those of you with dentures or even facing the need for a full set of dentures stand to gain the most from this treatment as your life can go back to what it once was in terms of eating and activities that you may now be more cautious about due to the fact that removable dentures aren’t always the most reliable. Same day teeth in North London offer a second chance in the twilight years at maintaining good oral health, face shape, and even better nutrition.same-day-teeth-in-north-london

Bold claims

You may ask how face shape and better nutrition can be achieved with a set of dental implants and new teeth, well, let us address the nutrition aspect first. This goes way back to hunter-gatherer times when losing your teeth meant a steady decline in health because it meant you were no longer capable of grinding your food into edible portions, in today’s society it means a lower quality of life as there are fewer foods you can enjoy as well as the potential of missing out on whole foods that have better nutrition than jelly and custard.

Once you lose your natural teeth, your face shape will begin to change because believe it or not, once the jaw bone no longer has the tooth roots to cling and grow on, the body begins to absorb it as it feels that it no longer needs to be there, this will cause your face to appear more sunken and substantially more aged. When titanium implants are inserted into the jaw, it allows the bone to cling to something once more and it even begins to grow back to its former size and shape.

All on 4

The beauty of this procedure is that you do not need an implant for every missing tooth, you only need 4 implants to anchor an entire row of dentures into the mouth. This means that surgery is minimal and you are still getting enough titanium into the jaw for the bone to attach to. Because we can insert all 4 implants in a single surgery, it means we can safely stabilise the denture at the same time so that you may leave with a gleaming and strong set of new teeth the very same day hence the name, same day teeth in North London.

Nervous patients

Same day teeth in North London surgery can be a scary thought, and we understand that some people are very nervous about the dentist which is why we offer sedation to these patients so that they can go to sleep and wake up with a fresh new smile none the wiser as to what went on during surgery, no drill sounds, no strange-looking equipment hanging over your head, just a peaceful sleep while we take care of you.