Same day teeth in North London

It’s common knowledge that when you get dental implants you need to wait a few months before getting a full set of new and secured teeth, however, with implant retained dentures, same-day teeth in North London are a possibility at JP Dental Implants to bring you back to comfort and confidence as quickly as possible, so that life can go back to an acceptable normality.same-day-teeth-north-london

Fixing your dentures into your mouth

Your ability to eat and speak may become adversely affected if you are trying to endure a set of ill-fitting or loose dentures, your confidence may also be diminished due to this. But thanks to advances in dentistry we can now offer you a procedure where your dentures can be fitted to your jaw to provide you with that extra comfort and knowledge that your teeth are secure in your mouth, with dental implants for dentures and same day teeth in North London.

This treatment is known as denture stabilisation and offers patients with existing dentures a better quality of life, with a more stable solution to false teeth. With this treatment, your dentures will stay put, giving you the opportunity to smile with confidence in the knowledge that your teeth will not slip, come loose or fall out.

How it works

Surgery is required to place implants into the jawbone or skull and once the bone has had a chance (over the course of a few months) to fuse to the titanium that the implants are made from, your dentures will be secured to the implants with a range of fittings and fixtures to hold them in place. Although your dentures will now be properly secured, you will still be able to remove them for proper cleaning.

We understand the impact a smile can have on your life which is why we would never send you home with gaps in your smile and missing teeth, and we give you a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent teeth are ready to be fitted after the healing period, allowing you to smile happily immediately after surgery.


Once the implants are in the jaw and the bone starts to grow around them, your whole facial structure remains more stable, as the bones are no longer dissolving, which means you won’t look as aged and your lips and cheeks will appear less sunken with the new support of more permanent teeth and bone.

There will be less irritation on your gums with this technique of securing dentures, while eating and laughing become easier with an immediate boost of confidence.

All on 4

This is what’s known as same day teeth in North London and it is a revolutionary and highly advanced method of securing dentures with only 4 screws needing to be placed in the bone. With 2 screws in the top arch and 2 in the bottom, entire rows of teeth can be attached securely and comfortably in the mouth. This surgery can be done while you are sedated if you so wish, so there is no need for nerves and uncomfortable worries.