Spare some time to transform your smile through same day teeth in North London?

Rebuild the structure of your smile

same-day-teeth-in-north-londonAt JP Dental Implants, we understand the problems which are faced on a daily basis by those who have one or more dentures within their mouths. Daily tasks, which most of us take for granted, such as chewing effectively, being able to speak coherently, or even eating the most simple of foods can prove to be a massive challenge. As dentures are not a permanent solution to lost teeth and rely on the support of the patient’s teeth or jaw structure, they may become loose and less comfortable over time as the surrounding teeth shift out of place. This, alongside the social implications of continually having to take your teeth out in front of friends or family members, has led a number of patients looking for alternative, more permanent solutions. In the past, getting an entire set of structurally solid, good-as-new teeth would be almost impossible, or at the very least take a number of years. Today however, because of the marvels of modern science, it is possible to do exactly that in just a single day through same day teeth in North London. Anyone out there who is struggling with one or more of the numerous daily challenges which dentures provide should arrange to have a consultation with one of our dental implant experts here at JP Dental Implants to see what we can do.

What are same day teeth in North London?

For many of our patients, particularly older ones, the prospect of being able to completely rebuild the structure and support of natural teeth in just one day would seem too good to be true. However, through same day teeth in North London, the impossible has been made possible. Having large gaps within your mouth can be the root of a number of problems for patients, both with regards to their social wellbeing as well as their oral and overall health. By opting for same day teeth treatment, also called All-on-4, it is possible to restore the functionality and support that natural teeth offer, as well as massively boost the confidence of the patient.

How does it work?

The fundamentals of All-on-4 treatment operate through the creation of four titanium alloy tooth roots. These act as permanently fused anchor points onto which a set of permanent dentures can be fixed in place. Titanium alloy is used for dental implants because it has the unique power to naturally merge itself with human bone tissue. Therefore, when the sockets are surgically inserted inside the jaw of the patient and closed over, their jawbone and the new tooth-root merge and become one. By replacing the process of how a natural tooth would be fixed within a patient’s mouth, dental implants are typically considered to be the most comfortable and natural way of replacing a lost tooth. Historically, treatments such as All-on-4 would never have seemed possible, whereas today we are increasingly helping more and more people craft the smiles they deserve. Having missing teeth is never easy, but here at JP Dental Implants thankfully the treatment is. Anyone who feels they could benefit from a healthy looking, structurally solid set of teeth ought to arrange to have a consultation and begin getting their true smile back.