Where can I get ‘same day teeth’ in North London?

Dentures have been an option for many people for a number of years now. They are a natural looking and clean way to retain a beautiful smile. Technology has advanced over recent years, however, and here at JP Dental Implants, we can now offer more permanent solutions, including same day teeth in North London.

same-day-teeth-north-londonRegular denture problems?

With standard dentures, there can be a number of problems such as them coming loose, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, and maybe even having difficulty or a lack of confidence when eating food or smiling. Denture stabilisation is an effective way to solve these issues, and results in dentures staying put. At our practice, we even offer a revolutionary treatment for same day teeth in North London, called ‘all-on-4’.

What is the procedure?

All-on-4 is a fast and effective solution that will leave your mouth feeling stable and comfortable, with a new set of stabilised teeth, and it only uses four implants. To get same day teeth in North London, the advanced method of all-on-4 uses technologies which are state of the art, to place two implants into the top jaw, and two implants into the bottom jaw, using CT scanners to plot the locations.

The implants are then secured in place so that a full arch of dentures can be attached and secured. These dentures will not only look and feel like a natural set of teeth, but will function like them too. You will walk out the same day, with a brand new smile.

Security and aftercare for your smile

Here at our practice, we want you to feel safe and secure, and that you truly are in the best hands. That is why we would never let you leave our practice without a smile you can feel confident and proud of. We completely understand how important your smile is to you; a smile says a lot about a person, and we want you to look and feel fantastic about your teeth.

This is why in most cases we will also fit a temporary bridge which will look, feel, and function just like your natural set of teeth, before we will add the permanent denture six months later.

If you are a particularly nervous patient or are worried about procedures such as this, we also offer sedation options, to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed when we carry out the procedures. We want you to feel safe and confident that you are in the best hands, and we understand that procedures aren’t something that everybody looks forward to. But with the modern sedatives that we use, we can assure you that most patients come out of surgery not even feeling like they’ve had anything done.

They simply walk out feeling fantastic about their new smile, confident, and safe in the knowledge that their dentures will stay put.

Laugh with confidence, smile with pleasure, and eat what you feel. Our all-on-4 treatment is a state of the art and revolutionary way to keep your smile.