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Dental Fees

Fees are correct as at December 2019

The cost of treatment can be as follows, these are estimated figures and may change for more complex dental implant treatment:

Fees for Treatment with Dental Implants

Treatment Cost
Examination Full Case Assessment - £125 (includes small x-rays)
X-Rays Large - £45
X-Rays CBCT Scan Half Jaw £50
Full Jaw £100
Both Jaws £200
Diagnostic Study Casts - £50
Intra-Oral Scan - £125
Surgical Stent - £275 per stent
Implants £1800 per implant (Biohorizon)
£2200 per implant (Strauman, Ankylos, Neos)
Bone Augmentation Particulate - £300 per site
L-PRF from £500
Block Bone Graft Human Origin - £450 per site
Autogenous - £900 per site
Sinus Lift Lateral Window - £900 per site
Crestal Approach Sinus Lift - £450 per site
Connective tissue graft £300 per site
Restoration per Unit Metal Ceramic - £595
Metal Composite - £595
EMax - £795
Zirconia - £795
Tooth coloured Post (Abutment) - £300
Same Day Teeth (no teeth or planned extraction of all standing teeth) All inclusive £14000.00 per jaw – includes all preliminary work (except consultation and scan), extractions, implant surgery and placement, provisional prosthesis and final prosthesis
Sedation £250 per hour

The above fees do not include any additional procedures that may be required to ensure success. If required this will be fully discussed with you prior to proceeding with it. Payment terms can be discussed with your dentist. There may be an option of finance provided by a finance company.

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